GRIP understands that design cannot be separated from function, production, and ultimately, hands-on usability. GRIP's design experts never forget that a product ultimately represents an entire company - employees, investors, brand and image. GRIP designs for maximum usability and impression - but also for minimum manufacturing and operational cost.

GRIP's design team works closely with our clients' design and engineering staff to ensure that end products not only look and function as they should, but also meet our clients' production cost expectations. With GRIP's experience and innovation, Design to Cost does not entail compromise on quality.

GRIP has experience designing a variety of products in a wide spectrum of industries - from medical to manufacturing, consumer technologies to jewelry. Focusing on Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM), GRIP specializes in simplifying processes and lowering manufacturing costs and assembly time, while maintaining the highest international standards of design.


GRIP realizes that the business considerations - as much as the technical - are crucial to effective optimization of production costs. That's why GRIP's engineering experts take the time to understand not only the technical intricacies of the product, but also key market factors and sales expectations.

Recognizing importance of integration, GRIP focuses on creation of true interdisciplinary teams with engineers in different fields - plastics, electronics, electrical, control, mechanical, optics, metal, and motion. This means that our clients can be assured that the end product meets the most rigorous and professional engineering standards.


GRIP has the experience and infrastructure, resources, equipment and personnel to support the manufacturing of complex industrial machines and systems. GRIP uses the most modern manufacturing technologies - molds, extrusions, motion control, software, optics, inspection, robotics, plastics - to produce the highest-quality products with excellent cost-performance. Grip uses computerized design and documentation technologies to link product files to our MRP and purchasing systems. This enables optimal end-to-end control from order, through purchasing, sub-assemblies and to finished product.
GRIP also has the business infrastructure necessary for large-scale production. Your product file is , including:
  • Purchasing department backed by a professional purchasing team
  • Computerized MRP system
  • Assembly and QC rooms
  • Computerized warehouse
  • Manufacturing teams (mechanics, electronics, wiring, QC etc.)