Low Cost - High Performance
GServo is a low cost, high-performance, fully-distributed servo control system. The system is based on compact servo control modules that are small enough to be mounted alongside the motor.

Each module contains a dedicated CPU, and all the necessary electronics for communication, encoder counting, PWM generation, amplification, motion profile computing, real-time velocity and position control and overall axis monitoring.

By eliminating the need for complex machine wiring, the GServo distributed servo control system improves reliability, reduces costs, and offers the OEM a significant cost/performance advantage.

  • Low cost: best available cost/performance solution
  • Compact: small footprint enable mounting in tight spaces, DIN rail mounting option is also available
  • Less Wiring: distributed hardware architecture eliminates the need for complex and expensive wiring
  • Reliable: robust design, high quality components, protective case with excellent thermal convection